BUSINESS TOWER ZAGREBAČKA – VRAPČANSKA, ZAGREB, competition, purchase prize, 2009. authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović The concept of the object is based on the analysis of the existing block-like structure of Donji grad, where one city block makes one unit. The volume of the unit is closed to the surrounding roads and adjacent blocks. Although it seems introvert, its interior hides a green oasis of internal park sections. The starting point for the spatial concept of the newly-designed block is a basic volume of the city block with a green heart, which has been rotated about a horizontal axis and positioned vertically before being elevated from its surroundings onto the base of a “public-commercial” space, where the central green square has been gradually transformed into “hanging gardens” within the main volume. In this way, public areas for relaxation, gathering and communication within the building are formed, whereas lower stories become open to external users. By defining the focal points of movement along the entrance porch towards the central part of the passageway, a public area is formed, which enables access into all of the main public facilities of the complex.