VUKOVAR, URBAN PLANING, 2013. authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović Designing a building in Vukovar is a special honour for any architect, instilling a feeling of pride and respect for the tormented historic urban structure of the city where the construction is taking place. Especially important for us was the invitation to act within the protected baroque town core, where historic layers intertwine with modern, everyday life needs of the inhabitants of Vukovar. By analysing the spatial relationships between the nature and urban structures, roads and pavements, lines of sight and central points in the space, we were able to gain understanding of the space, as well as to emphasise and redefine the high-quality spatial contents. Despite the lack of green areas within the space, the contact zones connect strategic park surfaces which have been maintained as green areas for people to relax and gather and for children to play. The minimalistic and completely neutral design blends fully into both the historic and the contemporary urban context. The selected materials are durable and easy to maintain, whereas the subtly designed details are suitable for simple standardized manufacture and mounting. The project prefers pavement with stone slabs of different dimensions, predominantly rectangular, adjusted to the indented ground plan of walking surfaces and thus bringing together various functional and design diversities of the urban context.