authors Rajka Bunjevac, Vlatka Vidović, Ivana Kosier Czeisberger

The spatial concept of the building is represented through a simple, clean volume, without accents, and with a longitudinally sloped shed roof, where the intervention is an inverted one, consisting of drilling openings which form external spaces of the apartments within the volume. However, the nature of the interventions made on the external surface allows for the “platonic solid” to be read without interruption, whereas the internal, free spaces contribute to the playfulness of surfaces, shadows and light. The building has been designed modestly and rationally, bearing in mind the specific context and moment in time (subsidized residential construction, general economic crisis). A slight deviation has been made by using sliding window shutters for sun protection on all openings and loggias and by a brightly coloured façade canvas. Internal adjacent free spaces are not only loggias, but also internal courtyards and stairways where neighbours make contact and gather, all within the basic perimeter of the building.