authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

Uniqa’s office is located at the ground floor of the insurance company’s main office building and can be entered directly from the sidewalk and the building’s parking lot. The ground floor shop windows are oriented towards the eastern and southern façades. The office is comprised of two parts – the one open to clients and the other one a closed space intended exclusively for employees. Initially, the space had a delevelling on the ceiling with additional ceiling lighting, which this project tried to accept as an advantage. The entrance and the waiting area for clients were constructed in the lower part of the space, whereas the higher section was intended for the main reception desk and employee work stations, where clients can be received. The distinction in the purpose of the space is visible by the subtle difference in the treatment of floor surfaces and ceiling lighting. The furniture is white, whereas the required accents come in the fresh corporate shade of blue. The furniture is of a modern, simple design and maximum functionality, which contributes to the desired freshness and ease of the atmosphere.