COMPLEX STROJARSKA, competition | 3. prize, 2011.
authors Rajka Bunjevac,, Boris Petrović

Attempting to show the utmost respect for a demanding and voluminous project, we tried to adhere to the human scale and create spaces which would have contact with the outer space, greenery, light, air and lines of sight, regardless of the floor they are located. According to the proposed solution, the volume modelling system is directed from the inside out and from the outside in. The outer lining of the coffer has been pulled in, away from the parcel border, leaving a rim of green surfaces which create a green tampon zone between the new development and the outer, urbanistically mostly inarticulate surroundings. In the opposite direction, from the open central public area of the square, footpaths spread in various directions. This creates an open space which seems introvert, but its interior hides a complex of inner open and closed pedestrian sections of the block on two levels, which have been preserved as places for children to play and people to relax and gather.