COMPLEX “SUNČANA VRATA”, OSIJEK, competition | 3. prize, 2011.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

The urban structure of Gornji grad in Osijek is characterized by block design, as is the structure of the city quarter where the parcel is located. The ground plan of this city block is comprised of a constructed ring and an internal park, often used as a place of greenery, where children play and people can relax, play sports and meet with inhabitants and users of the block. This has been used as a reference matrix to be transformed into a new urban context. In that sense, the idea of the “green block interior” is not copied in order to create a new closed block; it is rather transposed in a way which not only fulfils the task to its maximum optimal level, but also preserves the existing quality of an outdoor living room on green roofs and terraces and on the roof floor which encompasses both sides of the parcel and the “bridge” connecting them. The main volumes of the two buildings are placed parallel to the Sunčana (Sunny) street, whereas the lower sections are pulled eastwards and westwards of the main volumes. This stresses the accent of “Sunčana vrata” (Sunny Gate) with a broad southern square at the intersections with Ivan Gundulić street.