NURSING HOME FOR ELDERLY, SENJ, competition, 2009.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

The intended structure was planned to be constructed in the part of Senj immediately adjacent to the historic town core, and is located in the borderline zone of the town’s urban structure, towards the park around the Nehaj Fortress.
Such a situation undeniably inspired an urbanistic architectural concept, which envisioned placing the basic, elongated, curved volume around the central three-storey atrium, which is open towards the south and undoubtedly the most attractive lines of sight towards the Nehaj Fortress. Furthermore, the goal of constructing full volumes closed with stone walls was to remind the viewer of the traditional construction style characteristic for this climate, which diminished the unpleasant effects of the eastern wind. All rooms and living spaces have therefore been orientated opposite of the strongest wind, towards the park and the open spaces.