Public, Residential

authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

The urban development concept for this complex tried to give a maximum respect to the undeniable qualities of the micro-location: the vicinity of the city centre, roads, lines of sight towards and from the city centre, as well as to achieve urban quality of life within this urban landscape and the immediate surroundings by preserving the positive historic features and applying them to the given location.

The urban development concept is based on the analysis of the existing functioning urban block-like structure of the city quarter where the works are carried out. In this part of Gornji grad, one block makes one spatial unit. The volume of the unit is closed to the surrounding roads and adjacent blocks. It may seem introvert, but its interior hides a green oasis of internal gardens and parks, which has at its best been preserved as a place of greenery, for children to play and people to relax, play sports and meet with inhabitants and users of the block.