OGULIN , RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, competition | 2. prize, 2008.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Ivana Kosier Czeisberger, Vlatka Vidović,
Ranko Lukas

The available space on a relatively long and narrow parcel determined the concept of an L shaped building comprised of a smaller and a larger volume, with a central staircase located where the two volumes are joined. At the ground level of the central volume there is an access porch which provides access to the communal facilities of the building and then transforms into the main entrance space. In this way, the porch has gained features of a town square, a place for people to gather and for children to play. The project task was to construct a housing structure with a number of smaller apartments. The given location led us to the decision to construct apartments with the entrances from the gallery – corridor. Single-storey apartments were constructed on the first and a part of the second floor, whereas the other part of the second floor and the loft were used to construct two-storey apartments. The façade was designed in plaster and natural wood characteristic for the region, and the roofs were designed as steep gable roofs, in accordance with the climate in Gorski kotar.