Commercial, Residential

author Rajka Bunjevac, Ranko Lukas

Medvedgradska Street is a residential street where buildings typically have a ground floor and two to three storeys. The object at 3, Medvedgradska Street respects the spatial, architectural and functional situations within the wider spatial context, dividing the functions as would be expected: the entrance and office spaces on the ground floor, apartments on the upper floors and the parking lot in the yard. The height of the object volume has been aligned with the surrounding constructions. Minimal plasticity of the street façade, especially the partially recessed third storey improved the relation with the lower adjacent object on the southern side. By fragmenting the object volume and making use of different materials (mineral plaster, glass, anodized aluminium) we aimed to “reconcile” the diversity and height of adjacent buildings. Secondary rooms of the apartments have been orientated towards the backyard, which provided them with direct sunlight and ventilation and opened the street facing zone of the ground plan for living rooms and bedrooms. The longitudinal ground plan allowed for the greenery on the western slope to visually enter the apartments and enabled ventilation.