SCC, SOCIAL CARE CENTER, SISAK, competition, 2002.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Ivana Kosier Czeisberger

The building of the Department for Social Services was to be contructed on a relatively long, yet narrow parcel. The elongated ground plan contains a larger and a smaller volume, with a central hall located where the two volumes are joined. At the ground level of the central volume there is an access porch which provides access to the communal facilities of the building and then transforms into the central hall, which ends on the opposite, eastern façade. In this way, the porch has gained features of a town square, a place for people to gather and for children to play. The main staircase through this two-storey space provides access to the gallery, which further extends into the northern and southern wings.
The northern and southern wings have been designed similarly: both are elongated multi-storey structures with shed roofs (sloped in different directions), whereas the central section has been emphasised with the volume of the roof, again sloped, but covered with a cornice.
By combining a natural concrete wall (central section) with fibre cement façade panels (northern and southern sections) we tried to evoke the characteristic elements of traditional construction, adapting them to modern times and construction technologies by means of the design. Simple sequencing of window openings on longer sections has been disrupted by an irregular grid of intensely coloured joints between fibre cement panels.