authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

The concept of the object is based on inserting a cube-shaped volume within a roughly rectangular yard closed on the northern and eastern sides by the existing building which houses a prospective museum. By defining the focal points of movement in the north-eastern part of the yard, we wanted to create a public area which would enable access into all of the main public facilities of the complex. In order to make it dominant, the space has been elevated to the first floor level and levelled with the first floor of the prospective museum. This enabled a direct connection with Klaićeva and Primorska streets through the entrance area of the prospective museum. On the southern side, the space has been opened towards the southern access square in order to open new lines of sight in the north-south direction, with the central façade of an old building in the front and the accent on the tower of St. Blaise’s Church in the back. That is also the reason why the building has been given a cantilever design above the height of the surrounding rooftops, thus providing unique high-quality lines of sight from the upper floor offices in all four directions. This also transformed the central square into a canopied space for various events.