ADRIS, ZAGREB, competition, 2007. authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović The concept of the building is based on inserting a cube within approximately square courtyard enclosed on the north and east side with the existing building of the future museum. By defining the focus of movement in the northeastern part of the yard we wanted to form a public space at this point that gives the option to enter in all the main public facilities complex. In order to achieve dominance of this mentioned space it is elevated to the level of the first floor and equal in level to the level of the first floor of the future museum. This allows direct connection through the entrance area of the future museum with Klaic and Primorska street. The south side of the area is open to the access square to open up new views in the north-south direction. This direction is important because the central part of the facade of the old building in the foreground and the church tower of St. Blaz in the background. For the same reason the building is cantilevered formed above the height of the surrounding rooftops and deliver a unique quality of views from the upper floors of commercial space on all four sides. This is the central square became a covered area for events.