ZAVOJNA STREET, RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, ZAGREB , competition | 2. prize, 2011.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

The concept of this project is based on superimposing of the “empty” and the “full”, their alteration and complementation.
Empty – by removing the existing structure, we create an empty space – a construction site.
Full – constructing a structure which makes the maximum use of the parcel.
Full – Empty – by pulling the southern gable façade back towards the north, we create a tampon of greenery facing the neighbouring parcel, enabling openings on the southern façade.
Full – Empty – Full – by extracting parts of the façade to the southern parcel border, like “drawers”, we open the possibility to expand the ground plans for apartments to internal atriums with terraces cascading upwards through the volume of the building. Each apartment gets its own outer green space, with open lines of sight towards the east, south and west.