LABIN KATURE, CONDOMINIUM, competition, 2008.
authors Rajka Bunjevac, Boris Petrović

This project tried to pay maximum respect to the undeniable qualities of the micro-location and the attractive location at the city entrance as well as to keep the exceptional lines of sight from the state road towards the old town, the surrounding landscape and the Church of St. Nicolas. Residential and office buildings have been designed by applying a “dynamic” system of space transformation. We defined the basic functional scheme with a parking lot and service areas located at the basement level, commercial facilities and entrances into residential units at the ground level (accessed from the square) and residential areas on three levels. The housing levels have been divided in four sections, constructed as individual volumes and moved apart, which enabled housing to be organized within smaller volumes with the possibility of ventilation and lighting. Subsequent analysis of the full and the empty and the distortion of closed volumes and interspaces between the volumes led to the creation of micro-spaces with favourable microclimatic conditions, favourable insolation and lines of sight in all directions. The fragmentation of housing levels is followed by the division of the ground level into commercial spaces and pedestrian area with pathway interconnecting all parts of the ground floor. In reality, the buildings form a unique complex with an access square and the surrounding spaces. In this complex, the public – private zones and the closed – open zones overlap both vertically and horizontally, but all of them are clearly defined and separated, both spatially and with regard to design.